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QuotePak Software

QuotePak was written with the Owner, Foreman & Programmer in mind. When having to quote a stack of prints along with a few thousand other things to do in one day, speed and accuracy are important. QuotePak's speed is based on simplicity. All functions are controlled with command buttons, prompting input boxes to accumulate data. The results are posted as soon as they are calculated. It's accuracy involves your skill as a machinist to determine the feeds and speeds you will use to program the job if and when you get it.

QuotePak Screen Shot

You begin the process by entering sfm, diameter of tool or work, ipr, length of cut, and idle time. This will give you your time study, on which you base your quote. You then enter your shop rate and setup time, QuotePak will then calculate your manufacturing costs, per piece and by the lot. It will also calculate your run hours. You can the amortize you material and outside process costs to your manufacturing cost. You have the ability to re-quote as many times as necessary using a different quantity. At the end of your quote, you can modify your shop rate if you want to slightly reduce your bid.

When you get the job, simply reference your quote report for speeds and feeds to setup the part. You will have a target setup time, as well as a target run time. For scheduling purposes you will also have machine hours.

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